ATHENA is a jewel in the professional School of Design, being one of the best jewel-design colleges in Japan.  No matter if you are an amateur or looking to upgrade your skills, our school allows you to learn at your own pace.  You no longer need to give yourself headaches as you figure out how to draw your designs, our one-on-one teachings will find a method for you to excel.  Although jewelry design will be the center of our teachings, our curriculum also includes wax-sculpture, manufacturing, jewelry merchandising, and business promotions.  Regardless of what the work is based on, “Passion” is the most important – this is our main philosophy.

Education policy

First, we would like to fix a misconception about jewelry design.

“To become a designer, one must start from the drawing board.”  This is the common concept that is deeply rooted in the established public; however, this is not the case.

 Indeed, to become a painter, painting is a very important foundation and the basic requirement.  However, for a designer, you first need to learn all theoretical aspects of jewelry design – besides just how to draw a design.  Without this basic theory knowledge, the design does not make sense.  By teaching our students this first step, we hope to convey a firm basis for them.

Importance of cultivating originality

For designers, having originality is extremely important.  To cultivate originality, ATHENA implements individualized one-on-one instructions to fit the different “personality” of our students.

Ideas, skills, and knowledge

What is a designer?  There are many ways to define this.  From the start of an idea to the completion of the final product – having the correct knowledge to do this is necessary.  Therefore, we offer a variety of courses, such as wax sculpting and computer design, to support you


The first step is to the ability to express oneself.  With the right skills, we can help turn what you have imagined into a way to express this.

The next step is to take this expression combined with what you will learn to turn you vision from raw materials to become valuable items for sale.

Following these steps, to become a professional designer is no longer a distant journey.

 First-year foundation courses 

To become a jewelry designer, the first step will be a systematic learning.  These include:

  • How to incorporate expression as part of your design
  • How to implement your design
  • Develop skills to create your design

Second-year courses

The following courses are examples to help you become a professional jewelry designer:

  • Jewelry knowledge
  • Jewelry industry trend
  • Jewelry marketing

During this time, you will be able to begin your design work or have learned enough to look for a part-time job.

Third-year courses for graduate students

More in-depth courses of jewelry design and determining of future trends.  Also including the following courses:

  • Wax sculpting
  • Computer design
  • Communications

During this third-year, there will also be three additional courses. 

Athena jewelry design institute

Honorary lecturer— Sumie Fujimura

1971   Graduated from Kanazawa College of Art

1974   International Diamond Hours be selected

1981   Established Athena jewelry design institute


Honorary lecturer—Tamio Fujimura

1971   Graduated from Kanazawa College of Art

1981   Established Athena jewelry design institute

Notable works


JEWELRY DESIGN Basic performance   Athena


Honorary lecture–Munenori Yamamoto

1978   study jewelry design from Sumie Fujimura san and Tamio Fujimura

1980   Graduated from Msashino Art University

1981   International jewelry fine arts exhibition, diamond design contest been selected many times.

2009   Participates in Athena jewelry design institute to be a teacher

The present is Japan Jewelry Designers Association JJDA`s member

A lecturer of Bunka Women`s University

A lecturer of Bunka Fashion College

President and Honorary lecturer–Kaoluco Mizuno

1979 TheGolden Pricze in the International Pearl Design Contest(4 times)
The First Prize in the Diamond Design Contest(4 times)
Platinum Guild Prize in the Platinum Design Contest(2times)

1982 Designed for Tiffany and Van Cleef & Apels N.Y.by request of U.S. City Gold.

2005 Private Collection “Leggenda”is held by Orsini Palace sponsored by Committee of Viterbo,Italy.
Awarded Prince of Vicino Orsini medal.

A menber of Japan Jewelry Designer association